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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lemon-Berry:: Chapter 13

Spring’s Point of View
The car ride to Kristi’s house, erm...my house was silent. It was half my fault that it was silent because I wasn’t in the mood to talk. But I knew that Kristi was probably deep in thought, after what I told her. Finally we arrived at the house, and she killed the engine. My heart was beating terribly fast, and my stomach did several flips. I have never felt like this before whenever I went over to her house, I think the fact that I was calling it my house just made me feel queasy.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked.
“Yep, let’s just get this over with sis.”

We walked into the house and Mr. Biscotti... I mean dad was standing there with a phone to his ear. He turned around and smiled at the both of us.
“Hello girls, are you guys having a sleepover today?”
“No...dad, I’m actually here to live with you.” I said shakily.
“Dad? Spring I’m not your dad. I’m Kristi’s dad.” He laughed.
“I know that you’re my dad, don’t lie to me. I know that you broke my mom’s heart, and cheated on her. I know everything, but I am willing to get over that, and treat you like my dad.”
“She told you!” he said angrily, “I cannot believe that woman! I told her not to mention me in any damn affectionate way! Spring go home because there is absolutely no room for you here! Spring you are not my daughter and you will never be! You belong to your horrible mother Lemon-Berry Trifle!” I could not believe what I was hearing.

That was it, I knew that day I heard them yelling at each other. I knew something was wrong with him, and today I saw his true damn colours.
“How could you say that? My mother is the best damn mom out there! She never abandoned me. She kept me in check at all times. She loved me and cared for me, something you have never done! You abandoned me before I was born! I hate you!”
“I agree with Spring, Mrs. Trifle is the best person in the world. She treated me like her own whenever I am over. Something you never tried to do with Spring!”
“Go to your room Kristi, if you know what’s good for you!” he boomed.
“No because you know what? I don’t live here anymore! I’m moving in with Spring and I am sure that they would be happy to have me. Oh and when I do come to visit I won’t come to visit you...you jerk!” she yanked my arm, “Spring let’s get out of here,”

“Wait,” I pulled my arm free. I turned around and looked him right in the eye, “you were right...you’re not my dad because I have a dad at home who loves me, cares for me, understands me, and would never ever abandon me in a million years! Good-bye Wafer Biscotti.” Kristi and I marched out of his house, hand in hand. I was glad that they broke up because he isn’t worth my mom’s love. Mandarin, he is worth everything.

“Will she come back to get her stuff Mandarin?” it had been an hour since she had walked out of the house, and I was freaking out. I couldn’t live without her; I needed to see her instantly. What if Wafer hit her, what if he denied her? My poor Spring doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. I knew I should have told her that!

“Mom! Spring is home!” Mango called from the backyard, “and she’s with Kristi!”
I ran outside and took a good look at her. Her eyes were all red and puffy; it looked like she was crying. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug.
“Baby what are you doing home?” I asked.
“Can we talk about this inside...just you and me?”
“Of course Springy anything for you.”

She told me about her encounter with Wafer as her father. She told me how he flat out denied the fact that he was her dad, and he started to joke around. What a disgusting man, denying his own child in front of her face. She told me how Kristi stuck up for her. You know I always liked that girl, she was nothing like her dad.
“I’m sorry Springy, I should have told you everything. But you ran away so fast I didn’t get the chance.” I hugged her, “I’m just glad you’re home.” I looked over to Kristi and she was still standing there awkwardly. “Are you staying the night over Kristi?”
“Actually mom...I was wondering if Kristi could move in with us...since Wafer isn’t so pleased with the both of us.”

“Of course!” I put an arm around Kristi, “my house is your house darling!”
“Thanks Mrs. Trifle,” she said happily.
“No, you may call me mom, if you want.”
“Thanks mom!” she gave me a big hug. Since the feud was over hopefully things will get better.

“Dad,” Spring tugged on Mandarin’s sleeve, “dad I love you,” she gave him a big hug.
“I love you too my little girl,” he squeezed her.
“Dad I think it’s time you tell us how you and mom met,” she laughed, “I think we all need a happy story to listen to.”
So Mandarin told the story of how we met, and how he fell in love with me at first sight. He ended the story of when he proposed to me.

“So you two aren’t actually married yet?” Spring asked.

“Nope not yet Spring, we had always been really busy with all you kids.” He smiled.
“Then I think it’s time for a celebration!” Kristi proposed.

“Yeah I say you two get married tomorrow, in the backyard!” Frazzle suggested.

“No, no Frazzle,” Lace said.
“I think mom and dad should get married at home”Swirl smiled.

“I agree, as long as I don’t have to wear a frilly dress,” Mango gagged.

It was the big day my wedding. I wish momma could see this, but she had passed away a couple of months ago, and dad too. So it was just the Trifle’s and the Sorbet family that were invited. I was standing in front of the mirror looking at my reflection. I looked so different, I could barely recognize myself.
“You look beautiful mom,” Spring put her hands on my shoulders, “I hope I can look this beautiful when I get married.”
“You will look even better Springy.”

I helped the triplets get into their dresses, while Spring and Kristi got into theirs. Mango did not look one bit pleased with her dress.
“I look like a froo froo,” she frowned.
“You look adorable munchkin,” I pinched her cheek.

As I walked down the aisle I couldn’t help but notice how handsome Mandarin looked. His eyes were shining all sparkly, and his smiled gleamed. I took my place beside him, and started to do our vows.

“Do you take Mandarin Amaretto to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, rich or poor?”
“Yes I do,” I smiled.
“Do you take Lemon-Berry Trifle to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, rich or poor?”
“I do,” he smiled.
“Then I pronounce you husband and wife. Mandarin you may kiss the bride.”

He leaned forward and his lips pressed against mine. That was our first kiss as husband and wife. And everyone behind us cheered and whistled.
“You’re all mine now baby,” he whispered.
“I was always yours,” I pushed myself against him and kissed him harder. I didn’t want this moment to ever end. 

That was the last chapter of Lemon-Berry Trifle <3 Heir Vote up next!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Lemon-Berry:: Chapter 12

Swirl, Mango and Lace were pretty excited to get their birthday going. The girls blew out their candles, and transformed into gorgeous little rascals. Spring cheered, and hollered and along her side was Frazzle doing the exact same. I have a feeling that this day is going to go very well.

Frazzle ran up to the girls, and gave them each a big hug. Mandarin thought this was just the sweetest thing, but I knew something was up...this was very unusual because never did he hug Spring.
“I love my sisters sooo much!” he said as he hugged Mango, “except Spring,” he said under his breath. I didn’t want to create a scene in front of all of them so I called Frazzle over.

“Frazzle come here for a second will you?”

“You wanted to see me mom?” he said coolly like as if he did nothing wrong.

“Young man tell me what did you say over there about Spring!”

“Nothing,” he rolled his eyes and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Don’t lie to me Frazzle!” I put my hands on my hips, “you said you love your sisters, then under your breath you said except Spring. And I want to know why! What did she do to you?”

“Spring isn’t my sister!” he screamed at me and ran away. My heart felt like it was being torn apart. Did he know?

Spring was sitting down and eating some birthday cake and Frazzle took his plate and sat beside her.
“Spring why are you green?” he asked.

“I don’t know...why are you blue?” she shot back.

“I’m blue because mom is blue, Swirl and Lace are blue because mom is blue, and Mango is orange because dad is orange, but we don’t know what’s wrong with you. So I thought you knew the answer.”

“Well obviously I don’t! Maybe I inherited one of our grandma’s colors. Now could you please shut up!”

“I think something’s wrong with you Spring. I think you’re adopted.” Spring turned red.

“I’m not adopted you big eared freak! Leave me alone!” she bolted out of the room and down the stairs.

“Frazzle what’s gotten into you!” Mandarin shouted.

“Why don’t you ask mom!” he hissed. My cheeks started to get really hot.

“Frazzle what is wrong with you!” I shouted.

“Mom! What is wrong with you! I know Spring isn’t my real sister. I know she has a different dad! I know her dad is Wafer, and that Kristi and Spring are half sisters. Face it mom the jig is up!”

“Excuse me?” I crossed my arms and stared him down. He must’ve overheard Ginger and I talking yesterday.

“No mom excuse me!” he left the room and went out the front door.

“Are you going to be ok Lemon?” Mandarin put his hand on my shoulder.

 “I need to talk to Spring...I think it’s time.”

I opened the door to her room and she sit there silently typing away on her computer. She didn’t say a word when I came in, so I thought I better start the conversation.
“Spring sweetheart, I think it’s time we talk.”

“Talk about what? We all know that I’m adopted!” she said coldly.

“You adopted? Spring you’re not adopted. When I look at you I see me, but in a different color.”

“See that’s what I don’t get! Why am I green, and not blue or orange! Was grandma green? Was grandpa green? Why am I green!?”

“Come here Spring I think it would be best, if you faced me for this.” She walked over to me and hugged my tightly.

“Mom what’s wrong with me!” she cried.

“Spring once upon a time...I went to a party with Tangerine, and he and I danced and had fun. Later that night he kissed me, and I freaked out on him. I ran away to the beach and that’s where I met your dad...Wafer,” she hugged me more tightly, “we talked on that beach practically all night, and he dropped me off at home, and stayed the night over...the next morning he was gone, and I thought I’d see him again. Days passed by and I started to feel sick, and I knew that I was pregnant. I was scared and excited. I thought that you being born could glue Wafer and I forever. Tangerine had come over the day I found out I was pregnant and he told me to come to the beach with him. I knew I couldn’t stay mad at him forever so I went. Little did I know that Wafer was there, and he was kissing Cotton so passionately and I couldn’t stand it. We had an ugly break- up and I was left alone with you. Then I met Mandarin and I fell in love all over again, but I knew he was the one. He promised that he would take care of you as if you were his own. Baby Mandarin and I love you so much, and I guess Frazzle found out yesterday. So he overreacted.”

Spring let me go and looked me straight in the eyes, “I can’t believe you! I can’t believe you never told me! How could you? All these years I thought I was just some freak in the house! I thought I never even belonged to you! Do you know how that feels? Did you know how it felt when the triplets were born, and I was praying that one of them would be green like me, so I could prove to myself that I’m not a freak! No, none of them were green they were all blue and orange like you and your happy family, which I am not a part of!” she yelled at me and ran out of the room.

I heard Mandarin trying to stop here, and then a door slammed I knew she was out of the house by now. Who knows where she went.
Good job Lemon-Berry you just tore your family apart.

I walked up the stairs one step at a time, and every time I stepped on to one and image of Wafer and Spring flashed before my face. What have I done? I knew I should have told her earlier, but I didn’t because I was afraid of this. And this happened!
“Where are the girls?” I asked Mandarin.
“They are trying to get Frazzle down from the play set.”
“I’m sorry Mandarin! I’m sorry I put you in the middle of this! I didn’t mean to, I thought this was the right time, but there is no right time. Mandarin we should go look for her. Bring my baby back home please!” I couldn’t control myself I knew I couldn’t.
“Shhh...babe I don’t hate you. I knew this was going to happen one day or another. I know how Spring feels right now. Instead of me being a half-kid I was adopted, and I felt always so left out, though I toughened it out in the end. I told myself that things will get better. I ran away so many times when I was her age, but in the end I always came back.”
“I’m sorry...” I buried my face into his chest, and he stroked my hair gently.

Hours had passed and Spring still hadn’t come home. Mandarin told me that if she doesn’t return in an hour we will go looking for her. In the mean time I was freaking out and crying uncontrollably. Mandarin made me some soup, and I slurped it down.
“MOM! MOM!” the girls shouted, “Frazzle came down!” I walked into the dining room and saw his head poking from my lawn chair. I knew I had to talk to him, he must be frightened after the day we had. Mandarin told me he explained the whole thing to the girls, and he told me that I should talk to Frazzle.
“Frazzle...my little man...I need to talk to you.”
“What do you want! I know I am in big trouble, I’m probably grounded until I’m eighteen,” he mumbled.
“No sweet heart you aren’t grounded. I just need to talk to you,” he got up from his chair and walked right over to me.

I hugged Frazzle tightly, “I’m so sorry baby, I’m sorry you had to find out like that. What you did was wrong, but it helped me reveal the truth. Thank you.”
“You’re thanking me! Mom...don’t, if you thank me then this will haunt me forever. What I did was wrong. I should not have treated her like an outsider today. It was terribly wrong of me, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry mom, and mom I love you.” He squeezed me tightly.
At least I got one situation solved.
“Lemon  come to the living room please!” Mandarin called.

Spring was sitting on the couch trying not to make eye contact with Mandarin and I.
“Spring, I’m sorry. Baby please don’t run away from us like that! You scared us!”
“Listen mom, I’m sorry. When I ran away I thought about it all, and I have decided that I want to move in with my real dad.” Those words cut through me like a blade.
“But h—“
“Mom listen, I can’t live here anymore because I haven’t got the chance to spend time with my dad. I know he loves me and cares about me, so now if you excuse me Kristi is waiting for me outside.”
“Don’t go....” I reached out towards her but it was too late, she was already out the door.